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Que es un Temazcal?

What does Temazcal mean?

Temazcalli is a word from the language Nahuatl. It is composed of two words: Temaz-Vapor and Calli-Casa which directly translates to house of vapor or the house of sweat. The ceremony is also the representation of the womb of mother Earth.

Temazcal ceremonies were held by almost all of the tribes of the continent. Each tribe had their own language and called it a different name. Because of this, it is common for a Temazcal experience to vary by group.

What is the Temazcal ceremony for?

-The ceremony is for the purification of the body, mind, skin and the thoughts.

-To refresh energy, relieve stress, pray and to connect with the energy of mother Earth.

-We can also use this ceremony to see where we came from and to see where we are going or need to go.

-This ceremony brings family and the community together and everyone works together during setup and share traditional food.

-We can create a connection with our ancestors.

-We can confront our fears.

-We learn about history from the elders in the group.

-Participants can learn words from the Nahuatl language.

-It is a way to teach the youth about their roots and traditions.

-We gather as a group after the ceremony and pray.


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